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SERA can help you achieve regulatory compliance


- Incident and hazard reporting
- Investigations
- Root cause analysis
- Audits and inspections
- Findings/Actions management
- Checklists
- Emergency response
- Surveys and observations

Risk Management

- Risk register
- Hazard identification
- Change management
- Bow Tie analysis tool
- Safe Work procedures
- Risk control reviews
- Effectiveness of controls

Safety Promotion

- Meeting management
- Qualifications register
- Training register
- Authorisations register
- Safety initiatives
- Read and sign
- Asset management


- Document tree
- Document version control
- Document read and sign
- Document compliance
- Compliance management
- Compliance matrix


SERA has a fully integrated e-learning module to allow customers to develop their own learning academy. Courses are linked to the SERA Qualifications Module so that qualifications are updated on successful completion of a course.

Mobile Friendly

SERA simplifies reporting with web access and off-line capable apps, including audit and inspection checklists, eReporting, TOD fatigue risk assessments, wildlife counts and dispersal, safety observations and surveys.

Apps available for iOS and Android devices

Great Value

In today's competitive aviation industry, it is crucial for organizations to identify areas where they can reduce expenses. Fortunately, SERA can be accessed online; eliminating the need for costly IT infrastructure. Not only that, SERA happens to be one of the most economical and comprehensive management systems currently on the market.

Unlimited Users

To ensure the success of SMS, we advocate for universal access to reporting and sharing safety lessons, without limiting the number of users. We also firmly believe that all modules should be available without charge, as we recognize their integral role in promoting safety.

Operational Tools

- Asset management
-MRO management
- Aerodrome management
- OPS log
- Task managers
- Visitor ID card printing
- KPI's & performance indicators
- News feed
- Forum
- Safe Work Method Statements

SERA is a comprehensive management system that has been designed to make your job easier rather than more complicated. It provides all the necessary tools and framework to help you effectively manage all aspects of safety, quality and risk management in any aviation business. With SERA, you can rest assured that you will surpass all the expectations of your regulator and external safety body during your next audit.


Achieving success in the aviation industry demands an unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether you operate as a legacy airline, LCC start-up, helicopter operator, air traffic control service provider, airport or maintenance organization, it is crucial to prioritize efficiency, safety, and quality to thrive. Your rivals are leveraging the power of SERA to gain an advantage in the marketplace, so staying ahead of the curve is imperative. Do not let yourself fall behind.


Empowering front line staff to identify and report safety hazards and risks is crucial for any successful safety management system. Equipping them with the right tools, such as SERA, is essential in ensuring they can easily report these issues through our dedicated company portal or app. With the option to report anonymously or confidentially, staff can trust that their input will be valued and heard. Strict system permissions ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the reports. SERA helps to keep everyone informed of important updates. By implementing SERA, you can expect a significant increase in reporting.


SERA is a comprehensive management system that has been designed to make your job easier rather than more complicated. It provides all the necessary tools and framework to help you effectively manage all aspects of safety, quality and risk management in any aviation business. With SERA, you can rest assured that you will surpass all the expectations of your regulator and external safety body during your next audit.

Pilot instrument display


Your obligations to manage safety can be complex and confusing if you don’t have a systematic framework to operate within. SERA provides a solid and proven framework to manage all the safety requirements of the regulators, and your customers. SERA includes incident and hazard reporting, incident and hazard management, investigations, audits and inspections, risk management, change management, read and sign for all your important communications to staff, and a full training and authorisations module to keep track of staff qualifications and training requirements. All delivered in a simple to use interface

SERA eReport app for mobile devices

Mobile apps

SERA apps ensure staff remain connected on any device, even when there is no internet connection.


Set an annual audit schedule in SERA, attach relevant checklists, assign audit staff and your quality assurance program is underway. SERA will remind all auditors when audits are due to start, and you can print out a full audit schedule to view the whole year’s audit commitments. Auditors can sync their iPads to SERA and they are ready to go, even if there is no internet connectivity in the field. Audit findings identified during the audit can be raised in the App, and photos can be taken or uploaded as evidence. Once the checklist has been completed all findings and actions can be managed in SERA, with the option to manage close out simply, or turn on full ISO9001 management system for full accountability.

SERA checklist app for audits and inspections on the go

Checklist app

SERA checklist app is a great tool for completing audits and inspections out in the field. Download checklists before you go and complete offline.


The SERA MRO module is designed to assist staff in tracking daily flight schedules and the associated maintenance tasks. All billable items in SERA are recorded so the finance team can prepare timely invoices to customers for work performed. SERA will track aircraft delays and provides a comprehensive reporting system to notify customers of issues using their own delay reports. Weekly and monthly performance reports are just a click away.

SERA module for MRO


The SERA Airport Module is a comprehensive management system for airport operators of any size. Not only will SERA provide you with a robust framework for your SMS, there are tools provided to assist in the daily operational tasks. Complete wildlife counts and record dispersal activities on our mobile app. Record and manage your objects database to make Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) management easy. Complete daily and weekly aerodrome inspections, record flight and passenger details to support airline billing, manage and issue visitor cards, develop online training for inductions and recurrency training, manage drug and alcohol requirements, record NOTAMS and display in a news feed for all staff, and much more.

SERA wins Australian Airports Association safety award

Customer Snapshot

Many of our customers have been using SERA for more than 12 years... they love the support from our dedicated team, all aviation safety professionals with many years of experience in safety and quality management.

SERA customer SpiceJet


SERA customer Corendon Airlines Turkey


SERA customer Tigerair Taiwan


SERA customer Corendon Europe


SERA customer ULS Airlines Cargo


SERA customer Cambodia Angkor Air


SERA customer FlyAfrica


SERA customer SIAEC Japan


SERA customer Air Vanuatu


SERA customer Executive Aviation Taiwan


SERA customer Niugini Heliworks


SERA customer TransNusa


SERA Customer Corendon Dutch Airlines


SERA customer SunExpress Airlines


SERA customer PNG Defence Force


SERA customer RotorTech


SERA customer China Aircraft Services Limited

Hong Kong

SERA customer Xplorate


SERA customer JetSet


SERA customer Lanmei Airlines


SERA Customer Airports Vanuatu


SERA customer Vietravel Airlines


SERA customer Southwind Airlines


SERA customer Jubba Airways


SERA customer ATS Tonga

Kingdom of Tonga

SERA customer Precision Aviation Group


SERA customer Lao Airlines


SERA customer Tropicair


SERA Customer Cambodia Airways


SERA customer Samoa Airways


SERA customer RMIT Aviation Academy


SERA customer LinkAsia Indonesia


SERA Customer ANWS


SERA customer Aerolineas Ejecutivas


SERA customer AMS


SERA customer ATS Fiji


SERA customer Heli Niugini


SERA customer Heli SGI


SERA customer Heston MRO


SERA customer Hobart Airport


SERA Customer Hong Kong Jet

Hong Kong

SERA customer Microflite


SERA customer Premiair


SERA customer Wagners


SERA customer Wellcamp Airport


SERA customer Nauru Airlines


SERA customer Neils Parts


SERA customer Emerald Carrying Company


SERA Customer Real Tonga

Kingdom of Tonga

SERA customer AWA


SERA customer Lulutai Airlines

Kingdom of Tonga

SERA customer Altius Bahari Indonesia


SERA customer Karratha Airport


SERA customer Geotech Aviation Ltd


SERA customer Douglass Aerospace


SERA customer Tonga Airports Ltd

Kingdom of Tonga

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