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Management Team

SERA is backed by a strong leadership team with a background in aviation safety management. When we set out to create SERA, it was from a real need as frustrated end users. As a safety and security manager for a large international carrier, Andrew was disappointed with the tools available on the market and saw a need to offer the industry a "custom" aviation specific product. Most other systems available come from a generic workplace health and safety background, or food quality, or other non-aviation related industry. They think that just adding a few aviation forms in their systems it will be OK for us.

Our company philosophy is, and always will be, to offer the aviation safety professional the right tools, at an affordable price. We are probably the only software provider in the world that offers ALL our modules at the one affordable price, and we don't limit number of users. That's right, unlimited users! The reason for this is that we are safety professionals first, and software company directors second. Charging for modules and user seats means only the big industry players get access to professional management system tools. We all know the safety budget is tight. So, we have removed the barriers to ownership of a fully featured, full company roll out electronic safety management system.

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Amanda Macqueen, CEO of Aviation Safety Management Pty Ltd

Amanda Macqueen

Founder and CEO

Amanda has been involved in the development and implementation of safety management systems for more than 12 years. She has more than 20 years’ experience as a teacher, lecturer and university faculty head, which is reflected in the quality of our training and support.

Amanda has held Company Secretary and Executive Director positions on public and private company boards, brings strength and stability to our management team. Amanda works tirelessly to ensure customer expectations are met. When we ask our customers what the differentiator is for SERA, they all say “Amanda”. 

Aviation Safety Management Managing Director Andrew Macqueen

Andrew Macqueen

Founder and Managing Director

Andrew has been a safety professional for more than 30 years. He developed the first electronic safety management system for Qantas Airways and is considered a pioneer of electronic safety management systems.

Andrew is a highly experienced lead auditor. He has extensive aviation industry experience in aircraft maintenance, air traffic control and as a private pilot. He held senior safety and security roles in airlines, as well as a background in private consulting. Andrew is a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators.

Andrew also has experience in workplace occupational health and safety, quality and environmental management, having served the last 8 years as head of safety, environment and quality for an ASX listed company.

Andrew has held director and chairman positions on public and private company boards and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Andrew has a passion to provide the best safety management system on the market. He believes the travelling public have a right to be safe, and SERA has an important part to play in making that happen.

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The word about SERA is out. As a relatively new product in the market (10 years) our growth has been amazing. We have customers in every continent, and every segment type, including airlines, business jet charter, helicopter oil and gas operators, airports, air traffic control service providers, maintenance organisations, and even agricultural aviation operators. You need to see for yourself why SERA will be the No.1 software provider for aviation safety management in the coming years.