Hazard and Incident Reporting in SERA
Safety Assurance / February 17th, 2017 1:29 pm

An important part of any safety management system is the reporting of issues within the business. Identifying hazards is the first step in preventing negative outcomes and is the key to a successful SMS. Incident reporting is also very important as it allows us to investigate root cause and prevent a recurrence. This is how we learn and continuously improve.
The key to a successful reporting system is easy access for everyone, quick and simple forms to fill in, and a feedback system to keep reporters informed of outcomes. SERA makes all of this a straight forward process. Companies using SERA have experienced significant improvements in incident and hazard reporting. The chart at the end of this post is proof that if an organisation implements the SERA reporting system effectively, incredible results are possible.

SERA | Login

All employees can log into SERA once an account has been set up by the administrator. SERA can be accessed anywhere there is internet connection, and on any device with a browser.

Login Screen

SERA Reporting Home Page

SERA defaults to the reporting home page so users can get right into submitting a report. The screen shown below is for a Head...